About Keter Group

The Keter Group is a global enterprise that provides an extensive range of furniture, storage and organization solutions. Sold under a number of leading brand names including such as Keter and Curver, each and every item is thoughtfully engineered to combine durability and stylish design.

Since its establishment by the Sagol family, over 60 years ago, new product development has been at the heart of the Keter Group’s success. With the Group’s focus on continuously developing exceptional products, the Keter name has become synonymous with innovation and trend setting.

The Keter Group, owned by BC partners since 2016, operates 23 factories in eleven countries, employs more than 4,500 people, and currently sells to over 100 countries, maintaining sales offices in leading markets.

With a significant global production footprint and broad global sales support, the Keter Group is able to offer flexible logistics, faster time to market and greater responsiveness in customer service. All told, these advantages have led to annual sales amounting in €1 billion. The Keter Group distributes to 25,000 retail outlets globally, including nearly all of the top 250 retailers worldwide, with many of these relationships dating back more than 25 years.

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